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ITC Sponsors Boys & Girls Club

March 16th, 2015 by rebeccav

B&G Club Steak and BurgerITC Incorporated Sponsors The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Holland’s Annual Awareness and Fund Raising Event.

On March 19, 2015 The Boys and Girls Club will host its annual awareness and fund raiser with Connor O’Leary, professional cyclist, cancer survivor, and 2014 Amazing Race winner, as guest speaker. ITC has been a supporter of the club for several years and is proud to participate as a Gold Sponsor for the 2015 Steak ‘n Burger Dinner event.

The event will include club alumni and 80-100 of the most deserving current club members for an evening of awards, fun, and meeting the inspiring Connor O’Leary. Held at the Haworth Center in Holland the event is an opportunity for community leaders to interact with the club members and learn more about the mission of the club, which is to empower children and teens, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

To learn more about the event and The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Holland visit their website. To learn more about ITC’s community involvement visit our social–outreach page.

ITC in Cruise Industry News

January 20th, 2015 by rebeccav

Cruise Ad Blog Post_1-20-15ITC looks to build product awareness by advertising in the winter issue of Cruise Industry News. As a lighting manufacturer we understand the importance of lighting and how it can positively or negatively affect a passengers travel experience. An illuminated grab handle mounted in the cabin bathroom gives extra support for those who have yet to get their sea legs. While display lighting encourages extra on-board purchases or an extra trip to the buffet. Soft diffused lighting adds to the relaxing and refreshing ambiance of the spa and exterior flood lighting safely lights the way, following an evening show. As travelers ourselves, we want to educate our customers on how putting a little extra time into the lighting plan, can leave a lasting impression and keep passengers coming back year after year. Click here to download a PDF of the article and ITC ad.

Annual Toys for Tots Drive

December 30th, 2014 by rebeccav

Toys for TotsEvery year ITC Incorporated participates in the Marine Corp. Toys for Tots toy drive, and this year was no exception. As with previous years, the box was overflowing by the time it was picked up. Thank you to all the ITC staff who spent time and money to give to such a worthy cause. We can’t wait for next year to see if we can break our record!

LEDS – Shedding Light on the Future of Retail Lighting

November 19th, 2014 by rebeccav

Princess Jewelry Case_Blog PostLighted merchandise will attract consumers and in turn yield greater sales than non-lighted merchandise. However, choosing the optimal light fixture for an application requires an understanding of options. Today, retailers have a whole new set of options stemming from the advancement of LED technology. Proper application of the new LED technology can increase profitability. However, improper application may lead to disappointment. This article will identify several key components and concepts to consider when selecting one LED light over another or replacing a halogen or fluorescent fixture with an LED fixture.

The three big common benefits of using LED lighting in merchandise displays are: lower heat, longer life, and lower power consumption. The value of these benefits to retailers are several fold. First, the lower heat generation reduces the risk of product degradation and injury to workers while retrieving product in cases. Additionally, the replacement of multiple halogen and PAR 30 and 38 fixtures can reduce the ambient operating temperature of a store and thereby reduce air conditioning costs. Second, LEDs in luminaires often have a life of 50,000 hours or five times the life of fluorescents and twenty-five times the life of halogens. Hence, there will be less bulb replacement and less maintenance cost. Moreover, the longer life of LEDs reduces the risk that a display will be dark during critical selling periods because of a bulb failure. Third, the substantial reduction in power consumption of LED luminaires over halogen bulbs and some inefficient fluorescent fixtures will lead to lower energy costs for the retailer. These lower energy costs will yield net profit increases.

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IllumaGrip Featured in November IIDA ADA Newsletter

November 19th, 2014 by rebeccav

Heathcare_IllumaGripsElio LED Lighting’s ADA Compliant IllumaGrip was recently featured in the Michigan chapter of IIDA’s November newsletter. The newsletter focused on ADA standards highlighting changes and new innovative products. Text from the feature can be read below:

The ADA Compliant LED IllumaGrip Assist Handle provides needed support in bathroom & bedside applications for the healthcare environment while providing needed illumination. The dual functionality of the product directly targets vital patient safety, vision, & support. Length & LED color options make the product a piece customizable to a variety of installations. The IllumaGrip is a top engineered product designed to enhance patient safety in a simple multifunctioning product.

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ITC Lights Up New Industries with LEDs

November 19th, 2014 by rebeccav

Mike_in_GR_PressAfter 30 years of designing and manufacturing lighting for boats and RVs, ITC Inc. is lighting up retail stores, offices, homes, health facilities and cruise ships.

The company’s new LED lighting division called Elio is producing products for Carnival and Princess cruise lines, which are replacing hundreds of thousands of energy-eating incandescent light fixtures with low-watt, high intensity LED lighting fixtures.

“The math for them was simple,” ITC founder and CEO Dick Camarota said. “Replace 35 watt bulbs that require frequent replacement with 9 watt LED lights that use a one-third of the energy and last two-thirds longer, and there is huge savings for every ship in their fleet,” he said, noting electricity at sea is generated from fuel powered generators.

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