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Custom Product

ITC was built on providing customers with solutions to their needs. Whether it is a custom size of a standard product or a fully designed, engineered, sourced, and manufactured exclusive product, our goal is to exceed the customer’s need.

ITC has gone beyond the customer / supplier relationship with the development of Alliance Partners to give our customers the assurance that ITC can provide a wide arrange of custom capabilities with the same controlled and quality development process. Using our Alliance Partners expands the capabilities we can offer our customers. Allowing each partner to focus on their core capabilities and exceed in those skills provides a consistency and reliability within the process to achieve exceptional results for the customer.

ITC along with our Alliance Partners offer the following manufacturing capabilities in addition to our engineering, sourcing, quality control, and management expertise.

Injection Molding, Vacuum molding, blow molding & extrusions
Stamping, die casting, sand casting, investment castings, extrusions, weldments & assemblies
Full lamp development or integration of lighting
Blown artisan and pressed
Wet coat, Powder Coat, Anodizing & Plating
Kitting, Sub-Assembly, full assembly & packaging