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Stealth Universal LED Lighting System

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As the name implies, ITC’s Stealth lighting system allows you to light your display or shelving without having to see the physical light. Designed for retrofit & new construction projects, the Stealth provides various application specific mounting options, while the ultra slim profile shield masks the light fixture. Your customers focus their attention on the product, not the lighting.

Suggested Applications

  • Merchandise displays
  • Product displays
  • Open air food cases
  • Floral display case
  • Retail displays

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  • Specially designed for retrofit or new construction applications.
  • Perfect for food, jewelry, or general merchandise displays.
  • Multiple mounting options: Shelf clip mount, shelf bracket clip mount, straight mount, 45° vertical mount, magnet mount, & screw mount.
  • Works with ITC Linear LED Lights: 690210, 690230, 690240, 690310, 690330, & 690340.
  • Highly versatile system allows LED lighting installation in countless applications.
  • Ultra-slim profile shield makes LED fixture undetectable while providing even product illumination.

 Stealth System Components

  • Stealth Light Shield – 690030.020, 690030.019
  • Shelf Clip Mount – 69TL0033
  • Shelf Bracket Clip Mount – 69TL0034
  • Magnet Mount – 69TL0039
  • Screw Mount – 69TL0038
  • 40° Vertical Mount – 69TL0037
  • Straight Mount – 69TL0035
  • Stealth Curtain Of Light Shield – 690030.035